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Stephen Allen - Developer
Oct 02 2024 8:00 AM Post #1247

Which game? : All
Maintenance at unknown time, do not panic if games are down.
- Reporting players -

. Say which game
. Which server
. Their name (optional)

Please DO NOT repeat the bad words on here, or go into un-nessesary descriptions, thanks! Mr. Green

. Contact section occasionally may get cleared and refreshed.
. People pretending to be multiple players (and reporting themselves for drama) will be ignored.
. Sometimes Admin message reviewing may be activated, your message is still being received, just not public.
Fennec fox
Today 11:01 AM Post #4915

Which game? : Dragons Online
Stronghold and Fort aren't working, can't join no matter how long i wait and the player count is the same.

- Devs Reply -
Fixed thanks for reporting.
Yesterday 0:51 AM Post #4914

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Greetings Dev,
I have been having an issue with the rewards system lately. Example, when I go to watch an add to get a reward, an add doesn’t pop up. It takes me about 20 tries just to get one to load. Please fix this if possible.
Thanks for reading Mr. Green

- Devs Reply -
The Ads are mostly disabled now, they're using old services and cannot be updated with the current games version of the game engine.
The net code and code language no longer exist in newer game engine, cannot update without a remake, is the quick summary.
Corvid Demon
May 25 2024 15:20 PM Post #4908

Which game? : Raptors Online and RaptorRPG
Hello, dear Stephen Allen. Your games are awesome, but there is one problem: there is no account system there. It would be great, if player could save his game progress in his private account and restore the data on other devices or if his game resets. Could you please add this account system in next updates to Raptors Online and RaptorRPG, please?
Apr 28 2024 5:55 AM Post #4901

Which game? : บีม
Cool Mr. Green
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