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Apr 13 2019 19:43 PM Post #3447

Which game? : Dragons online
Hi dev,

Is it me or does memic day random stuff that’s not needed to u on this reporting if it’s not important or needed than it shouldn’t be said that’s a waste of your time just reading it making total no sense like saying hi dev go fix this hi dev go do this it’s like forcing you to focus do it being bossed around by perhaps a 13 year old it’s not needed and it’s making a lot in game pretty mad having to also deal with memic if you could please talk to that person or ban them till they’ve learn respect for u sense your the maker of this game I play in so many need to respect you instead of nodding and complaining so very much and that’s what I’ve learned 😕 Sad
Apr 13 2019 17:20 PM Post #3446

Which game? : Dragons Online
Dev, forest just disappeared, no wonder why it wasn't working. Fix it up like u always do! ^^

Apr 13 2019 15:43 PM Post #3445

Which game? : Dragons online
Heyo dev, sorry to bother, developers fort wild fire isn't letting ppl join, there is 22/30 in the server at the moment. We refreshed the game and the server doesn't seem to be full, but when I click the server it says "connecting to developers fort wild fire" and stays like that until I would click another server. It was just odd to have that happen, please fix this or let me know what happened!

Have a great day/night dev!^_^
Apr 13 2019 15:42 PM Post #3444

Which game? : Dragon online
Hello dev, this is your friendly neighborhood chat killer, coming to you live with an interesting report I want you to know. In Dragon online, one of your servers, known as wildlife fort, is not working. As I tried to enter the server it wasn't let me in. In fact, no one can get in. Please help devil.a
Apr 12 2019 19:10 PM Post #3443

Which game? : Dragons online
Hello dev it’s me again,

The people on dev lagoon are named moonwatcher in black letters and rank 285 and spinosaurus who’s rank five in grey have been picking on the people named goldenfox and John teen vamp for a very long time calling them well mostly goldenfox bad words life off the street words like kiryu to these people have been bullying this girl and boy for months and I had to tell u the names could u report them or something before they do or make someone hurt themselves?

🎀 ToyMangle Crying or Very sad Sad Crying or Very sad
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