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Aug 19 2019 20:49 PM Post #3669

Which game? : HCH
Hi dev I got banned a while ago for language (I’m super sorry about that Embarassed ) and I wAs wondering if I could get unbanned?
Paul clemenson
Aug 19 2019 10:05 AM Post #3668

Which game? : Raptors online
Hi developer this is some very good advice u should know about and do in Raptors online. First I want to say nice job great game But I'm going to get straight down to the facts u need to fix this. combat, PvP, and aiming yes first of all the combat I'm going to say 1 fact u when u shoot someone they have to stand still to deal damage if the walk u litterly can not fricken hit them same as the rocket launcher except u take damage almost impossible to kill someone. Also the aiming on the guns are very very bad please make it easier. Sorry this has a very short limit of words but I'm going to quickly explain what we want and what should be added don't be lazy with it though u need to add more maps more bosses more guns fix gun bugs and better jumping really fix that jumping. But u should add more hats a campaign or something interesting to keep us playing. Maybe more Easter eggs but thanks for listening to my review amazing game.

Sincerlly, A YouTube YouTube paul clemenson
Aug 16 2019 13:08 PM Post #3667

Which game? : Raptor rpg
Hello dev I need to tell you something that happened today in raptorRPG and now people are bullying me and blaster for a weird reason we did not do anything mean or bad or gross. So someone name is in Russian with orange text fount I don’t know what his name is because I can’t speak Russian anyways someone else name is RK and he is really being mean to blaster and RK said “people like you Blaster and you disco ruin it” witch someone said be for this happened someone said “this game is boa-ring” then blaster said “no this game is fun” then RK Said that text. It’s not nice that everyone is just bullying us for no reason even graffiti he hurts my feeling a lot plz help Crying or Very sad
Aug 14 2019 2:40 AM Post #3662

Which game? : Dragons Online 3D multiplayer
Hello Dev. Im reporting of a player called Xanny Babii. She's threatening, cussing and bullying another player called Starry Kitty. Xanny told me she was gonna kill my mother and let aggots eat her body. Please do something about this.

Aug 14 2019 1:00 AM Post #3661

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Sorry to bother but there are two people named-
ᴋᴜ and ᴡᴇɴᴅɪɢᴏ
that came onto my server "Spidersona rp!" and started insulting us, cursing, and being generally rude to my friends and I. could you please do something about them?
Again, sorry for troubling you.
Have a good one.
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