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Pyro Bendy
Jun 12 2019 16:58 PM Post #3550

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hello again Stephen, thank you for responding I am using a device called the LG Android(phone). I have tried your suggestion and it is not seeming to work. I was planning on uninstalling and reinstalling but I don't wanna have to rank up again (^^"), yet if that's what it takes I will do it. If you have anymore suggestions to which that might help, I'd be very happy to try and use them. Thank you for your time.
Pyro Bendy
Jun 11 2019 23:35 PM Post #3549

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hello Stephen, I'd like to report a small issue on my account you see, every time I try and get into the game it has the usually tap twice thing to verify I am not a robot but everytime I do it, it just doesn't load me into said game. I am not sure if I am suspended from the game or anything but I see that as unlikely since I have taken a break from the app for a total of 6-7 weeks. The device I am using is a Android(which I am about to throw out the window soon.. ), and this started happening to me after the new update. I would like some help please. I have tried to restart my wifi and tried playing without wifi but unfortunately that is not working.
Form yours truly -Pyro Bendy

- Devs Reply -
Hi, move your fingers apart a little, so it does not think you are pressing with one giant finger.
Its works on all my test devices, what device are you using?
Jun 11 2019 0:52 AM Post #3548

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hi dev please tell me how long you'll keep me on banned and please tell me if undertaker still plays ,I really need to talk with him thanks😥
Chloe shimkus
Jun 10 2019 22:43 PM Post #3547

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Hello dev, I’m seeing so much people saying swears I want to report Ripper (M) he says the B word and today there was 28 rîppèr M'ś so just aban all Riper M’s the swearing has TOO ŚTØP! 😡
Jun 10 2019 16:19 PM Post #3546

Which game? : ʜᴄʜ
There's this annoying brat named uriah hes always picking on me every chance he gets, today I was having a once in a lifetime date with a lovely plant, uriah swept her off her feet leaving me single for life, punish him!!!!!!
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