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Jan 09 2018 7:23 AM Post #2670

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hai Dev °^° I just wanted to let you know there was a hacker at fort a few minutes ago with the name pharmacy, and the rank 966+. Her stats look normal, but she goes through walls and has max everything, and also takes of at too quick of a rate for a fire element. Thanks! -Renegade
Your shadow
Jan 08 2018 10:30 AM Post #2669

Which game? : Raptor online
Hello developer, raptor online is a great game. But me and my friends are very annoyed by something in your game. When someone is saying something and the map switches, whatever you have so far written is stuck like that. You have to close the game page and go back to it. Only then it's fixed.
So my friends and I would mostly appreciate it if you fix this bug in the next update. Maybe by being able to change it still after it happened?
Keep up the good work dev. Razz

- Devs Reply -
That bug has always been there sadly Confused
It's a problem with the game engine and android OS, tried to do things in the game to stop it but nothing has worked, other devices are fine Mr. Green
Maybe one day... Rolling Eyes
Jan 06 2018 20:02 PM Post #2668

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Hey, Dev? You know on the Highscores Board, it says "Submit scores through Pack Keeper on multiplayer", right? Well, every time I go to Pack Keeper, there isn't an option or button telling me how I can submit my score. I would like to know so I can submit my score. Can you reply to my message telling me how to submit my score? Thank you Dev Very Happy

- Devs Reply -
It does it automatically, and if it hasnt it will show a little 'refresh symbol' when talking to pack keeper Smile
Jan 06 2018 18:54 PM Post #2667

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Hi again Dev~! There is a player named Blue cussing and calling people names, could you help us out here~? He is on the Developer's Park server, thanks.

Jan 06 2018 8:59 AM Post #2666

Which game? : None
Reply to: Thorn

You have to pick up an egg from a nest, and you must kill 3 enemy dragons and get the corpses. Then you can go back to Leo and you can change the color of your control buttons. Hope this helped!
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