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Stephen Allen
Sep 16 2018 17:34 PM Post #3128

Which game? : Dragons online
Hi dev, it's me..ub sans. You fully muted me because I was doing awful and disgusting things..I will learn from my mistakes, this is the only game I can contact my friends on..I'm so, so terribly sorry. Embarassed
Sep 15 2018 8:12 AM Post #3127

Which game? : Dragons online
Hi Dev.

Well, what happens if my tablet dies and the normal account keeps with the rank 1763? I have to re-start the game again from 0 with other device? (My device is an android).

- Devs Reply -
Game save is on the device, if the games removed so is the rank etc

Some devices have a backup to PC, or transfer to new phone option.
You can save your games progress this way Smile
Have a google of it Mr. Green
Sep 02 2018 22:49 PM Post #3113

Which game? : Dragon Online
Hi Stephen. It's zax or Evanea
I have a question, it's been 3 months I think I'm muted just because I said some words of the game when I was talking to Trap, for which I was not insulting him. You have muted me in my second account E v a n e a. Now my question: When will the muted be removed?

Saludos amigo
Aug 30 2018 3:34 AM Post #3107

Which game? : Dragons online
I can't join some of my friends server pls can u fix this

- Devs Reply -
Hi, it depends on yours and their internet connection types.

Some are more strict and block player to player connections, however this is why the developer servers are there, so theres always a game people can join.

There are ways to unblock your internet, it gets complicated, try google "router DMZ" and "router forwarding ports".
666hᎾᏢᎬ fᎪᎠᎬs
Aug 27 2018 22:44 PM Post #3104

Which game? : Raptors online
Can you make me an admin plz
Becayse people will stop bulling me

- Devs Reply -
Admins get bullied even more Laughing
If there is problems, join another server, or message me Mr. Green
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