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Dec 03 2019 2:12 AM Post #3830

Which game? : Hch
Hch isn’t allowing me to update,I’ve read through comments and found nothing on how to fix that.I have no clue if it’s the device I have or what but please help-

- Devs Reply -
Theres a few features only in Android update at moment, such as the Earth2 map (clicking this map/server says to update, ignore that for now), there is no update on other stores for this yet.
If you can still get on and play, then all is fine Smile
If the game won't let you online on other maps, and is telling you to update before playing, its temporary ban (displays wrong message sometimes).
Nov 30 2019 21:57 PM Post #3829

Which game? : Dragons Online
Dev, spinosaurus (he has a font, but I don't have the font to replicate his name accurately) decided to pick a fight with me and Funtime Awisy over the order of the fnaf games, even though nobody asked him, then kept pretending to leave and came back just to keep arguing. Can you at please talk to him about not forcing his way into other people's conversations to pick fights? I'm not asking for anything major, no mutes or bans, I just want him to stop bugging my friend just so he can satisfy his apparent need to argue with people.
❄✨ʝαɕƙ ʄɾσʂɬ✨❄
Nov 29 2019 18:08 PM Post #3828

Which game? : Dragons Online 3D Multiplayer
Ok theres this player who goes by the name Memory. I gave them 3 strikes about not cussin or they will be reported. They kept cussing and wouldn't listen to me. Please do something. Thank you.
Nov 29 2019 16:35 PM Post #3827

Which game? : DGO
Dev, I am having problems with DGO as I can’t update it. I can’t delete the game and it’s not showing up on the App Store and I’ve checked multiple times to see if I had missed it but it hadn’t come up. Please help me thanks . Have a great life
Dirk Strider
Nov 29 2019 6:05 AM Post #3826

Which game? : N/A
Hey Dev, just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving, have a good one and many more to come.

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